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Alienation of Affection

Alienation of Affection

Experienced Alienation of Affection Lawyer

North Carolina is one of the few states that still recognizes the claim of Alienation of Affections and Criminal Conversations.

Claims for Alienation of Affections and Criminal Conversations are known as ‘heart balm actions. Alienation of Affections is an act of one party encouraging or taking part in the luring away a spouse from his/her marriage. A party might lure a spouse away from the marriage by offering gifts, personal time, sexual favors, or making negative statements about the other spouse. In Alienation of Affections actions a person may seek damages as a result of loss of support, loss of services in the home, loss of consortium, loss of affections, emotional distress, injury to reputation and health, and separation from a parties spouse.

It is common that actions for Alienation of Affections are combined with actions for Criminal Conversations. Criminal Conversation is an action where your spouse has had sexual intercourse with another party. It must occur when the parties are married and not legally separated. Further the sex act must occur in the state of North Carolina. A party may seek money damages from a party for dishonor of the marital bed , destruction of domestic comfort, loss of consortium, invasion and deprivation of exclusive marital rights and privileges, emotional distress, humiliation, injury to health, and loss of support.